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Teddy-Roosevelt-Quote (1 of 1)President’s Day is a big deal in Washington, DC (and a holiday for many workers too); so, it’s only appropriate to celebrate Teddy & The Bully Bar in honor of the occasion. Located steps from the DuPont Circle metro station and open for less than a year, Teddy & The Bully Bar salutes Theodore Roosevelt, one of America’s most popular and valiant presidents. Rarely do you come across an establishment dedicated to a single influential person – however, the clever nods to this 26th president should bring a smile to your face even if, like me, you’re not a history buff.

With a ‘square deal’ happy hour, cocktail napkins containing the likeness of Teddy himself, and knowledgeable mixologists clad in vests & jeans; this classically appointed bar does not disappoint. From 26-day barrel-aged cocktails to cocktails-on-tap, there’s something (or two somethings) for everyone. Plus, they have good happy hour deals so you might want to schedule your first visit on a weekday between 3pm-7pm.

Lady Outlaw Cocktail at Teddy & The Bully Bar
Lady Outlaw

From the Teddy & The Bully Bar website …

During “the Golden Era of American Cocktail History,” the period from the early 1800s through the beginning of The Prohibition, the American bartender was arguably as iconic a cultural figure as the President himself. At The Bully Bar, the American bartender is back with a fresh twist on classic cocktails from this era. Our expert mixologists hand craft classic and modern cocktails daily, sourcing local ingredients and employing modern gastronomy techniques to deliver simple, classic, delicious drinks inspired by the life of our 26th President. Our unique 26-day barrel-aged cocktail program includes the “Rough Rider Daiquiri” aged for 26 days in charred new American oak.

In the first five minutes, The Bully Bar became one of my favorite craft cocktail bars in DC – I ended up staying nearly two hours longer.

Menu Must Haves: (happy hour pricing is included; add $3 for regular menu pricing)
• Lady Outlaw – $8: a cocktail comprised of genver, elderflower liqueur, lemon sour, and lavender bitters served on-tap. This one goes down so very easily!
 • Barrel No 3 ‘The Trust Buster’ Manhattan – $9: delicious doesn’t do it justice. A combination of bourbon, Cynar, sweet vermouth, and bitters; this concoction spends 26 days in a barrel which really rounds out the flavors and adds a subtle woody character.
• Aka ‘Teddy Hat’ – $8: try this blend of rum, gin, Lillet Blanc, Becherovka liqueur, absinthe, and bitters if you dare ~ it’s a pretty strong creation.

In need of a snack? Try the Crushed Tomato Flatbread or the Sausage & Peppers Flatbread. Both are incredibly delightful. Actually every cocktail and every dish I ordered was spectacular. It’s rare that I go to the same cocktail bar twice, but I can’t wait to get back to Teddy & The Bully Bar for another visit. Cheers!

Aka 'Teddy Hat' Cocktail
Aka ‘Teddy Hat’ Cocktail
The Conversationalist Cobbler
The Conversationalist Cobbler

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