You Asked, We Answered: Our Favorite Bars

One question that almost everyone has asked my fiancé and I since we moved to Richmond is, “What restaurants have you two been to.” Soon we’ll be able to respond with a witty, “too many to count”, but for now here’s our attempt to capture the restaurants, brew pubs, and […]

Great Places in Richmond to Grab a Cocktail or Beer

Even though I’ve been to Richmond dozens of times (and have considered buying a house there), I’m still super impressed by all that’s going on within the RVA drink scene. You might think that sounds odd coming from someone like me who is from a much larger city (in DC […]

Richmond’s Thirst-Quenching Experiences

For those of you that follow my blog, you’ll likely remember a post from last December entitled, ‘Virginia is for {cocktail} lovers’. It served as a recap of three craft cocktail bars in Richmond that stole my heart – Heritage, Saison, and The Roosevelt. Three different neighborhoods, three different bar […]

Virginia is for {cocktail} lovers

100 miles south of the nation’s capital you will find Richmond, VA; home to the historic Jackson Ward neighborhood, the tree-lined avenues and architectural noteworthiness of The Fan, and the rapidly gentrifying Church Hill district. Having visited the Richmond area on numerous occasions, I finally decided to check out the […]

The Seersucker – $9

A staple on The Roosevelt (Richmond, VA) menu, this combination of Maker’s Mark Bourbon, house- made sweet tea syrup, angostura bitters, and a charred lemon cube is nothing less than divine! To make charred lemon cubes: first grill your lemon halves, then freeze them. Sounds pretty easy to me — […]

Ancient Mariner – $11

‘Last on the List’ at Saison (Richmond, VA). The Ancient Mariner (in the tall glass) is a refreshing Tiki classic with a touch of island spice: Jamaican Rum, Rhum Agricole, lime, grapefruit, allspice and a ton of crushed ice. Think of it as a great tropical cocktail with a hint […]

Lion’s Tail ($9) & Gin Wiccan ($10)

From the Heritage Fall 2013 cocktail menu: Lion’s Tail – Fighting Cock Bourbon, allspice, lime, and bitters Gin Wiccan – Citadelle Gin, Strega, citrus, and egg white Note: Strega is an Italian herbal liqueur that contains flavors such as mint and fennel