Cocktail Artistry With a Side of Tomfoolery

Po’ boys and jambalaya? Maybe, a little jerk chicken? Nope, neither. A year ago this month, 928 U Street was reborn as a craft cocktail oasis aptly named Service Bar. And, a Happy (non-belated) Birthday goes out to y’all!
  • It’s quaint. Somewhere around 25 to 35 seats with another seven or so at the bar. But here size doesn’t matter, I’m just thankful for the purse hooks and power outlets near every seat at the bar.
  • It’s fun. Polaroids and autographed dollar bills dot the walls while creative drinks line the pages of the “cocktailery and tomfoolery” menu. There are golden pineapples, kitschy tiki mugs, and a whole host of funky glassware options to choose from.
  • But, most importantly, it’s good. Swanky Heirloom Carrot Margaritas; golden beets mixed with Mezcal to create the Swizz Beets; comfort foods like rosemary french fries and mac & cheese to munch on; a traditional Mint Julep complete with a frosted copper cup, crushed ice, and powdered sugar topped mint leaves; and, say no more, they’ve got fried chicken and Champagne (one of my absolute favorite pairings).

Service Bar not only serves up service, it’s chalk full of cocktail artistry. On this night, Saab was behind the stick putting on a show. Smoky vapor billowing out of glassware, tweezers and mini clothes-pins delicately placing carrot greens for garnish, each hand busily shaking a cocktail tin overhead – at the same time.

In addition to hyper-seasonal offerings and a bourbon-only page, the final page of this cocktail menu gives thanks to those that put the ‘Service’ in Service Bar, where their nicknames alone are listed. Our sincere thank you to Luke Cage for his showmanship, humor, and bad ass cocktail making. Cheers!

Service Bar
928 U Street, NW (Vermont & U)
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 462-7232