Restaurant & Bar Review: Little Saint

On a quest for a satisfying vegan meal, a handcrafted per-prohibition cocktail or two, and a quaint atmosphere with outstanding staff? If you’re like me, you are, so look no further than Little Saint.

Tucked onto a side street in a part of town once known as the Devil’s Triangle (ironic, isn’t it), Little Saint is a hidden gem, but, if it hadn’t been for Little Saint’s 2018 Elby award for Best New Restaurant, I’d never have sauntered in.

There are a great selection of options on the menu for those with dietary preferences or restrictions. If you visit early enough in the day be sure to try the Vegan Mess — complete with chorizo tofu, mushrooms, potatoes, and ‘other tasty vegan stuff’ — it is to die for. While it’s on the brunch menu the GM mentioned they can make it almost anytime of the day. Bonus: it’s not anything close to a mess, the plate is actually quite beautiful!

A few other options for us vegans are the Fried Cauliflower, Impossible Burger, The Return of the Token Vegan, WPA Pie, and a whole host of salad options. There are also handfuls of vegetarian an gluten-free dishes on the menu too.

Need a few other reasons to visit?

  • Fire Opal, a cocktail in the Our House section of the menu that boasts rum, aperol, lemon, basil, and jalapeño. When sitting at the bar you can specify the precise number of jalapeño slices you’d like used so it’s for the spice-aholics and the pepper-shy.

  • They make their own ginger beer! While it’s not officially on the menu, they are more than happy to pour you a glass if that’s what you’re truly in the mood for.

  • If you really love the food the kitchen just put out, order a Round of Beers for the Kitchen or a Round of Shots for the Kitchen! They can’t drink right then but the kitchen team gets your beer or shot as a thank-you at the end of their shift. What a way to create some camaraderie in the kitchen — kudos to the Little Saint team for putting it on the menu.

Little Saint, 2901 Park Avenue, Richmond, VA, 23221, (804) 303 9772,