Meet the Menu … Bandolero

Menu development is part art, part science. And, as I continue to collect menus from the cocktail bars I visit, I’m always on this roller coaster — somewhere between impressed, surprised, and shocked by what I see (or don’t see) on the menu.

Here’s the margarita/cocktail menu and tequila list from Bandolero, a modern Mexican restaurant serving classic dishes (and cocktails) with non-traditional flavors.


  • The sheer number of cocktails, especially signature margaritas is impressive and gives the feeling that there’s something for everyone.
  • The range of margaritas as well as other cocktails is equally impressive.


  • Epsolón Tequila owns this menu (and it happens to be one of the cheapest tequilas Bandolero pours). Of the 15 margaritas and cocktails on the menu, over half mention Epsolón by name. Bonus: this brand is listed first under the tequilas section too.
  • Fidencio Mezcal (again, one of the cheapest tequilas Bandolero offers) also has a developing strangle-hold on the menu with five mentions.
  • Plus, the Patrón family of brands has eight menu mentions of their own.

(Semi) Shocked:

  • Epsolón is owned by Gruppo Campari; the same company that owns Campari and Cabo Wabo. BTW: Campari and Cabo Wabo are both mentioned on the menu as well.
    • Between Gruppo Campari, The Patrón Spirits Company, and Vinum (Fidencio Mezcal importer), I’m assuming one (or all) have supported Bandolero substantially given the disproportionate number of menu mentions their products hold.
    • Is it Epsolón Blanco or Epsolón Silver? El Diablo must have been added to the menu at a different time given it says silver in lieu of blanco.
    • While margarita and cocktail prices are reasonable (and the range of offerings is good), it’s a little depressing to see the same (inexpensive) products featured over and over again given the sheer number of tequilas at the bars’ disposal.


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