Found: a luxurious ‘estiatorio’ in the heart of Las Vegas

Estiatorio (noun): a Greek restaurant, especially one that is more up-market and elaborate than a taverna

Greece is not somewhere I’ve ever had a real desire to travel to. I’m not really sure why, but it has never been on my ‘around the world’ bucket list. Until now.

My friends and family have dreamed for years about visiting Australia, Egypt, Brazil, or maybe even India. Well, a handful of recent visits to Estiatorio Milos, has me seriously contemplating a trip to Greece or at the very least a Cocktail/Foodie Tour to visit the four North American cities where Estiatorio Milos has outposts (i.e., Las Vegas, New York, Miami, and Montreal).  That’s how memorable my experiences at this restaurant have been.

Last year I received a recommendation from a top Vegas mixologist to try out one of his favorite restaurants, Estiatorio Milos. And, fortunately, a reservation for five was available that evening. Immediately upon arrival I could tell how comfortable and inviting this restaurant was. From the Monks in Mexico cocktail at the bar, to the lobsters so fresh they were still moving around on the ice display; that night was one of the best meals of my life. This is the first restaurant where I’ve ever experienced the table, collectively, getting to pick out the exact fish we wanted for dinner as well as have it hand-carved off the bone, table-side. This place is an oasis of fresh seafood (flown in fresh every week), authentic Greek ingredients (e.g., olive oil, dill, etc.) and sharable meze dishes that has something for everyone.

Roughly ten dishes later (and after countless bottles of Greek wine), we finally had to throw in the towel. Not a cheap meal by most people’s standards – this one was a four digit delicacy. In fact, it was so good I found myself seated at the bar enjoying a cocktail and meze the very next night.


Milos Special as it arrives at the table
Milos Special as it arrives at the table

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of returning to Las Vegas which of course meant another visit (or two) to Estiatorio Milos. One of items you must try is called the Milos Special. At $32, it is a blend of lightly friend zucchini, eggplant, tzatziki and (fried) kefalograviera cheese. Delicious doesn’t even begin to do this dish justice – it nearly brought me to tears, twice.

While the food at Estiatorio Milos may be the star, the cocktails are a close second. I try to never order the same cocktail twice but I’ve had The Gardener more than twice this past year. It is a blend of Hendrick’s gin, fresh lemon juice, and basil – garnished with a cucumber. Amazingly simple in design, yet perfectly balanced.

The Clean Sweep Cocktail
The Clean Sweep Cocktail

If you’re lucky, keep your eye out for a ‘secret’ menu that contains a cocktail called the Clean Sweep; this cocktail takes The Gardner to another level. The Clean Sweep is a combination of Mastiha Liqueur, St. George Absinthe, cucumber, mint, and rose water. This is absolutely one of the most complex and thought-provoking cocktails I’ve had so far this year.

Finally, one of the new items the restaurant offers is a Milos Meze menu offered exclusively at the bar — and there is one must try item on this menu as well. The mini gyros ($5) contain tomato, tzatziki, filet, and a french fry, rolled in what seemed to be filo dough. Bon Appetite!

Mini Gyro
Mini Gyro

Disclosure: I have worked as a consultant to the parent company of the Cosmopolitan Hotel (and Estiatorio Milos Las Vegas is located in the Cosmopolitan Hotel); however, this review is not part of any existing consulting relationship.  

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