I Spy an Amazing Cocktail

Have you ever read through a menu and spied a cocktail that was made just for you? If so, you’re a kindred spirit. There are times when I scour a bars’ cocktail menu and absolutely nothing jumps out at me — and, I instinctively know I’ll never return. Then there […]

Two Legends, One Bourbon

In 2014, Jim Beam, a behemoth in American whiskey, and Suntory, an icon in Japanese whisky making, combined forces to create Beam Suntory. Now, five years later, we finally see the liquid fruits of this formidable union. This union of companies and countries has brought us Legent, a collaboration between […]

What do you taste?

I recently completed the WSET Level II Wine & Spirits course and while I learned a tremendous amount about wine, one of the most important things the class did was solidify ‘why I like, what I like’. I’ve always just liked certain wines and spirits without ever thinking about the […]

Down on the Farm

My earliest memories of the outdoors? Being at grandma and grandaddy’s house: picking up pecans with my cousins from under the pecan tree, eating ripe watermelon on the picnic benches, learning to drive the tractor and slop the hogs. My family owns a 125 acre farm — now a non-producing […]

Restaurant & Bar Review: Little Saint

On a quest for a satisfying vegan meal, a handcrafted per-prohibition cocktail or two, and a quaint atmosphere with outstanding staff? If you’re like me, you are, so look no further than Little Saint. Tucked onto a side street in a part of town once known as the Devil’s Triangle […]

Affordable Drinks on Wealthy Street

At first I was hesitant to venture beyond the hustle-and-bustle of downtown Grand Rapids on what was only a whim. A whim that happened to be named Donkey Taqueria. While they didn’t come up first on Yelp and there weren’t any write-ups in the local foodie mags, Donkey Taqueria is […]

Cocktail Artistry With a Side of Tomfoolery

Po’ boys and jambalaya? Maybe, a little jerk chicken? Nope, neither. A year ago this month, 928 U Street was reborn as a craft cocktail oasis aptly named Service Bar. And, a Happy (non-belated) Birthday goes out to y’all! It’s quaint. Somewhere around 25 to 35 seats with another seven […]

Where to Visit the Next Time You’re in Napa

Breathtaking views, quaint wineries nestled in amongst the vines, dining at world renowned restaurants, pampering yourself with a mud bath, or satisfying the adventurer in you with a hot air balloon ride; these are but a handful of the things that make Napa Valley simply heaven on earth Located about […]

San Fran’s Thirst-Quenching Experiences

Located about an hour north of both San Francisco and Oakland, sits Napa Valley – one of the wine capitals of the world. So, if you’re planning a trip to the West Coast, here are some people, places, and things you should definitely try to enjoy before you head up […]

San Diego’s Cocktail Pharmacy

While I might only be a part-time cocktail blogger, I’m most certainly a full-time cocktail lover. Late last year I started hearing rumblings about a new cocktail bar, Polite Provisions, which had recently opened to much fanfare in San Diego. A few months later the bar and one of its […]

New York’s Thirst-Quenching Experiences

Welcome to New  York… New York City is a mecca for good eats and great drinks, with a tremendous helping of sightseeing and people-watching on the side. From over-the-top diners and celebrity chef owned bakeries to budget conscious hotels and free tickets to live tapings; there’s something for everyone no […]

Travel to Paris

Ever wanted to visit a city that is steeped in history, beauty, romance, and great food & drink? If so, Paris should be your next travel destination! With countless chocolate shops, authentic restaurants, and even the occasional cocktail bar; Paris has so much to offer the traveling foodie and/or cocktail […]

Travel to Tequila

If tequila is your thing, you have to make time to visit Guadalajara (specifically Tequila), Mexico. Full transparency, I was pretty nervous about my most recent trip to Mexico. Between the State Department alerts and news reports of drug activity, robberies, and kidnappings; I was a little unsettled. Looking back, […]

Virginia is for {cocktail} lovers

100 miles south of the nation’s capital you will find Richmond, VA; home to the historic Jackson Ward neighborhood, the tree-lined avenues and architectural noteworthiness of The Fan, and the rapidly gentrifying Church Hill district. Having visited the Richmond area on numerous occasions, I finally decided to check out the […]