3rd Times the Charm – $12


One of the best cocktails I’ve had in a long time, 8407 Kitchen Bar delivers a winner with 3rd Times The Charm. Don’t let it fool you, this amazing concoction of Bulleit Rye Bourbon, Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur, sour cherries, and lemon is delicious but packs a serious punch. Consider yourself warned; it might taste like a tropical inspired punch but this drink sneaks up on you.

How’d it get its name?
The first bar manager created a cocktail called Bourbon, Cherries, and Rye, Oh My. A second bar manager made a few tweaks and renamed the cocktail The Petty Theft (he did borrow a lot of the original recipe!). The newest bar manger recently reworked the drink hence the birth of 3rd Times The Charm.

My advice: don’t mess with perfection. 3rd Times The Charm should be/become a signature cocktail at 8407 Kitchen Bar that stands the test of time.

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