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Welcome to the world of a Liquor Lady.

Opinionated industry professional, cocktail enthusiast, and ultimate bar hopper -- that's me. And, I need to let you know right upfront that my perspective is unique, my palate a bit odd, and that this website won't be right for everyone. I've worked in the white, male dominated world of alcohol for nearly two decades and that has certainly impacted how I see and experience the brands and business I've grown up with. I'm African-American, female, vegan (food only), frugal, and a smidge under 40. I prefer mixed, not straight. I prefer white, not red. I prefer spirits, not beer. I prefer cheap (or free), not expensive. 

As a blogger it can be hard to find your voice -- it's hard for me to tell you, my readers, the secrets of the industry, my truest opinions, especially since I'm currently working at a high level within the wine & spirits business. Within these pages are my personal views and they do not represent those of my employer (disclaimer so I hopefully never get fired for having a blog).

Now that we've got that out of the way...

I love liquor, like wine, and tolerate beer. I LOVE mezcal and tequila and have a soft spot for Mexican food and flavors that pair perfectly with both of these spirits. I LOVE absolutely anything that bubbles -- Champagne, sparking wine, cava, and prosecco -- and, to be quite honest, it's my favorite wine 'varietal'. I LOVE clean cocktails, those cocktails that contain fresh, nutritious ingredients that make me feel like I'm in a juice bar instead of a bar-bar. Regardless of spirit, wine, or cocktail, my palate CRAVES spicy ingredients, smoky flavors, and loads of citrus.

While my blogging has been on the back burner (and I've taken down almost all of my old posts), it's time for a fresh start. Well, I hope you enjoy and learn from -- or at least appreciate the perspective of-- what you read from here on out.

Don't hesitate to reach out with comments or questions - Cheers!

~ Winnie

What's In My Glass?

Mezcal, Mezcal, and more Mezcal!

Mezcal, like its cousin tequila, is made from agave. However, contrary to popular belief, is not a cactus but is actually a relative of the yucca plant. While tequila can only be made in a specific region of Mexico and from just blue Weber agave, Mezcal is usually produced in Oaxaca (although it can legally come from anywhere in Mexico) and can be made from many types of agave. 

Welcome. Cheers. Barfly. Cocktail. Drink. Shot. Bar. Mixologist. Round. Friend. Happy Hour. Toast. Pour. Bottle. Glass. Social. Shake. Garnish. Jigger. Strain. Double. Rocks.

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