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Welcome to the world of a Liquor Lady. An opinionated cocktail enthusiast, taste tester, and masterful bar hopper, I can almost always be found with a journal in one hand and a drink in the other -- not surprisingly, I've become a walking rolodex of mouthwatering cocktails and the bars that serve them. 

Some of my favorites include anything that "bubbles". And, I'm a sucker for any cocktail containing mezcal or tequila, spicy ingredients, smoky flavors, and lots of citrus -- not necessarily in that order. 

In 2009, my blog began as a way to share alcohol adventures from around the globe with friends and family. I often found traveling for business lonely, so I began visiting craft cocktail bars and distilleries while I was on the road to pass the time. In 2012, Liquor Lady (the consulting side of things) officially launched and to this day I'm still pursuing my passion for cocktails and bars full-time. I've taught the business of beverage, I've given talks and presentations about cocktails, I've led national account beverage teams, and I really like to drink. It's the best job you could ever have.

While my blogging is on a bit of a hiatus (and I've taken down a lot of my old posts), you can always contact me with questions about craft cocktails. Or, for those of you in the industry, I'm always open to connecting about all things "Business of Booze". Cheers!

'Cocktails are the window into a bars' soul'

And, I love peering into that window!

Whether you’re traveling and have your cocktail tourist hat on or you’re looking to explore a nearby neighborhood for local haunts, you had better seek out the most creative craft cocktail bars and the best drinks on their menus (that's what a true Liquor Lady would do). My thing: I love to try out the ‘new kids on the block’ that are approachable, relatively affordable, with cocktail descriptions and ingredient lists that sound far too good for us to pass up. I'm absolutely always saving someone a seat at the bar!

Welcome. Cheers. Barfly. Cocktail. Drink. Shot. Bar. Mixologist. Round. Friend. Happy Hour. Toast. Pour. Bottle. Glass. Social. Shake. Garnish. Jigger. Strain. Double. Rocks.

What's In My Glass?

Mezcal, Mezcal, and more Mezcal!

Mezcal, like its cousin tequila, is made from agave. However, contrary to popular belief, is not a cactus but is actually a relative of the yucca plant. While tequila can only be made in a specific region of Mexico and from just blue Weber agave, Mezcal is usually produced in Oaxaca (although it can legally come from anywhere in Mexico) and can be made from many types of agave, some of which only grow wild.